How To Join in Crochet

Joining Crochet Pieces

Many household items such as place mats, tablecloths, etc. can consist of several motifs joined together. Depending upon their shape, some motifs (such as squares, hexagons, etc.) fit together exactly. Others leave interesting spaces, which may be joined along the edges that touch by sewing or crochet. There are many ways of joining such motifs and these will depend on the finished effect required and instructions are usually given with patterns.

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Joining seams

Pieces of crochet can be joined together by a flat stitch (see below) (backstitching would make the seam very thick and unsightly), or by mattress stitching (see next below).

Crochet stitches sometimes have no particular ‘right side’, therefore you should make a decision in respect of all separate pieces of the same article, so that the ‘grain’ of the rows can match exactly when you join the pieces together.

Joining in crochet
Join your crochet