Crochet - Working in Rounds

Working in Rounds

1. To work in rounds make 3 or more chains (the exact number depends on the design) and join them into a ring by inserting the hook into the first of them and making a slip stitch (see below).

Working in the round

2. To begin each round make a ‘starting chain’ (the equivalent of a ‘turning chain’ - see above) to match the height of the stitches of the round. Insert the hook always into the centre of the base chain ring to work the stitches of the first round (see below).

Working in the round

3. From the second round insert the hook under the top 2 loops of the stitches in the previous round, unless otherwise directed (see below).

Working crochet in the round

4. When each round is complete insert the hook into the top of the starting chain and make a slipstitch to join the round (see below).

Crochet rounds

Note: Unless otherwise specified, do not turn the work between rounds, but continue with the same side facing and treat this as the ‘right side’ of the fabric. To fasten off after making the slipstitch, which completes a round, do not make another chain.

1. Cut the yarn and draw the end through to the front (see below).

Finishing off crochet rounds

2. Insert the hook again from the back through the place in the fabric where the slip stitch was worked (but not through the slip stitch loop itself) and draw the end of the yarn once again through to the back. (see below). Tighten gently

Finishing off rounds in crochet